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Ralph Lauren Polo,Hosting Contract 6141

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Hosting Contract

The hosting contract
host of
hosting contract

to the contract by the two sides signed in ____________ in __________ years ______ months.

Party: __________________
address: __________________
Postal Code: ______________
Tel: the __________________
Fax: __________________

B party: __________________
address: __________________
Postal Code: ____________
Tel: the __________________
Fax: __________________ the first

contract project and definition of
1.1 Hosting the Party placed in the engine room of the B host referred to the B managed, Party B will provide rack space and the room environment, and the host access to the Internet (the Internet), A or the Party belongs to the user to provide the Internet Information Services.
1.2 when

Party the rights and obligations
2.1 Party A shall apply for the business, should provide the application form and identity documents, company or business should provide corporate business license, business license licenses and other documents. If the employer engaged in advertising, need to provide a copy of the advertising business license to Party B;
2.2 Party A shall contract paid the relevant fee, is entitled to a B assignment of rack space and the corresponding network interface;
2.3 Party's equipment shall meet the technical interface specifications and terminal communication technology in public communications networks and B network standard, Electrical Characteristics and communication methods. Party should strengthen its managed-device security management, to prevent being attacked, penetrated, as a result of the attack, intrusion affect the stability of the B network, B has the right to stop the running of the part of the services of the Party;
2.4 by the B managed device, Party responsible for the installation of hardware and software configurations, upgrades, maintenance management, system security settings, troubleshooting, and data maintenance.
2.5 Party A shall enjoy the autonomous right to comply with this contract under the terms of business, ownership of information resources. Received B's IP address, login ID and password information, the Party may at any time to operate independently control their own server, modify the initial password, upload software or data, and take full responsibility for own operating behavior. Party responsible for the integrity and confidentiality of data stored on their own servers.
2.6 Party this contract services business activities must comply with the Telecommunications Regulations of the People's Republic of China, the Interim Provisions on the People's Republic of China Computer Information Network and the Internet, laws and regulations, and the business activities of political responsibility, liability, copyright disputes and economic disputes bear full responsibility. 2.6.1
Party use For access to the relevant departments of the state endorsement or approval of this contract services business activities, Party A shall go through relevant formalities and obtain the endorsement or approval of the relevant departments, and the resulting any problems be resolved by the Party and bear the related responsibility of Party B does not assume any responsibility.
2.6.2 Party A shall be responsible for their own network and information security, shall not send spam or spam organization to provide a platform and services; may make use of the telecommunications network attacks, the invasion of the network and host of others; shall not produce, reproduce, publish communication contains
2.7 If the Party of the system is running affect the stability of the B network, or major network and information security issues, Party B the right to suspend the Party hosting services, until the solution to the problem, which all the consequences and responsibilities caused by Party responsible;
the 2.8 Party A leased B rack or renting VIP room, installation of equipment required to fully consider the room, rack power supply, shall not be excessive increase in equipment cause power overload, equipment operation reliability and stability. In the same rack, placed between the equipment and equipment to allow sufficient space for heat dissipation. Cause power overload or between devices and not enough space for heat dissipation causes the device to run unstable as a result of equipment placed too much, or communications, or even hardware burned phenomenon, the Party will bear all the responsibility;
2.9 Party A shall B square distribution of the IP address of strict management to ensure the IP address of the reasonable and lawful use. Party of the IP address only the right to use, non-transferable.
2.10 Party A by Party B agrees Party B to enter the room, equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance work, the Party to enter the engine room of Party B shall comply with the various regulations of the B engine room. the
2.11 Party A shall pay to Party B the hosting costs; Article

B rights and obligations
3.1 Party B for Party Party in room space and related facilities leased in this contract, to place the equipment of Party, their property rights owned by Party B;
3.2 Party B will provide a standard room needed to place the host environment, including: lighting systems, power systems, constant temperature and humidity systems, surveillance systems, access control systems,Ralph Lauren Paris, fire systems, anti-static flooring, server system security. Party B will provide hosting services for the required standard network environment, including the standard switch interface, the export of the Internet, space environment. 3.3
Party B is responsible for the physical security of the Party managed device in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment of the Party hosting the B supply voltage instability or housing leaking Party managed equipment damage or system failures, to Party causing loss, Party B has the responsibility to Party hardware restitution, or bear the corresponding hardware liability, the amount of compensation to the replacement cost of the device hardware, not including related software, databases and similar settings or other joint and several liability;
3.4 Party B, Party host a high-speed data port used to access the Internet in accordance with the provisions of this contract. And to assist the Party applications and parse domain name;
3.5 Party A agreed to pay fees, Party B shall, within one week after the completion of the domain name set for Party opened a hosting service. B is responsible for routine maintenance and monitoring of the host to ensure that the normal operation of the host Party;
3.6 B to impose a fee under this contract, Party A payment not received within the stipulated time, Party B shall have the right to terminate the Party hosting services;
3.7 as a result of the lessor cause failure of the B network operation, Party B shall have the right to suspend the Party hosting service, until the problem is resolved;
3.8 B for the Party of the equipment installation, networking, debugging and testing, on-site system maintenance and other work to provide the necessary assistance and cooperation.
3.9 of this contract after the termination or dissolution, the employer shall within 5 working days of its servers and ancillary equipment moved out of B room, otherwise Party B is entitled to the server to be disposed of, and the server and ancillary equipment for loss or damage is not responsible. Article IV

costs Payment
to 4.1 of this contract the amount of the costs involved shall be denominated in RMB.
4.1.1 of this contract, Party A shall be paid to the cost of standard B as follows: Install the debugging and testing fee is __________ $; renting rack: ___ class ___ seats, rack space: _________U, the cost is: __________ $ / month; leased bandwidth: ___ class ___ ports (exclusive / sharing) ____M cost of: _________ / month; leased IP: _______ months at a cost of : ____________ / month; hire additional service type: ___________ at a cost: __________ $ / month;
4.1.2 Party A as follows to pay the cost to Party B: after the signing of this contract working days, the first machine rental charges, bandwidth usage fees, install debug fees totaling _______ (uppercase _______ $) paid to Party B after Party will be held each year in the first month pay for the years before the 15th of the total cost of ___ dollars (uppercase ___________ $).
4.2 B for maintenance of the host line or account current rates charges.
4.3 If the co-operation during the period of changes in telecommunications charges, Party B will be the new standard fee to the Party. Article

liability for breach of contract
5.1 either party does not fulfill the obligations of this contract, are regarded as a breach of contract, the defaulting party shall observant party to pay a certain amount of liquidated damages or compensation compliance side of the direct economic losses. 5.2
Party if not paid on time to Party B payables overdue more than a day B charge 5 ‰ of the Party unpaid amount of liquidated damages, Party B shall have the right to stop for Party 15 days later services (including electricity,Nike Free Run, lines, etc.) until the Party paid all amounts due date,New Balance Sneakers, the loss of Party B to stop the service during this period, Party B need not bear any responsibility;
5.3 If Party arrears, managed devices of Party B is entitled to lien, Party arrears more than six months, Party A Party B's equipment and software, hardware, data, information, have the sole right to dispose of the;
<br / Article force majeure
6.1 of this contract due to force majeure (including change of law and government decree), resulting in either party can not some or all to fulfill the terms of the contract, force majeure, the party without responsibility, but shall promptly notify the other party. Force Majeure means: earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters; war, military actions or government decree, directive changes as well as the Y2K problem, hackers, viruses, the telecommunications sector, technical adjustments to circumstances beyond their control.

Article dispute arbitration
of 7.1 during the execution of the contract, such as a dispute, both parties should be settled through friendly consultations; the consultation fails to Party B the seat right under the jurisdiction of the courts. Article 8

8.1 unless the parties otherwise agree in writing, both parties respond to the contents of this contract and related information, software, data and other negative duty of confidentiality, without permission shall not be disclosed to any third party;
8.2 of this contract shall take effect as of the date of the two sides signed and sealed by a type of ____ copies, each party holds ____, both have the same legal effect;
8.3 commencement of the contract, that is legally binding, either party shall not be changed or lifted. Need to change or cancel the contract, both sides should be consensus and mutual exchange of notes or other contract valid;
8.4 of this contract is valid for ____ years. A month before the expiration of this contract, if both parties without objection, the contract is automatically renewed, and the continuation period, if any party to terminate the contract, one month in advance notice to the other, paid the costs associated with termination of this contract.

Party A (seal): _________ Party B (Seal): ________
contract representative: ___________ contract representative: __________
signing Date: _____________ Date of Contract: the the ____________

hosting services for user registration form

apply: _____________________
user name: Chinese: ____________ Chinese referred to as : ____________: ____________
English abbreviation: the ____________
mailing address: __________________ Postal Code: ____________
Business Contact Name: ______________ Phone: ____________ Fax: ____________ Email: ____________
Technical Contact Name: ______________ Phone: ____________ Fax: ____________ Email: ____________
access mode [] exclusive 100M [] 10M shared of the 100M share [] 10M exclusive [] [] 2M exclusive
managed types [ ,],New Balance,[the standard the rack
custom rack
main purpose of the VIP room or cage area the rack the number
operating system database type
customers business and information content
expect the opening date _ _____ years ______ month ______ day preliminary examination opinions of the
Customer Center the ________________________
Signature: _______________________ the
Date: __________________
production centers in the preliminary review,
pre-opening date: ______ years ______ month ______ day
signature:. ____________
Date: ____________ a copy of the materials
users pay business license [] network structure technical data []
recent credit prove [] other materials []
Remarks: 1. If the employer also need additional hardware, the hardware is present, the market price of Giga meter, plus hardware prices 10% of the installation fees, hardware Party all.
2. On standard hardware configurations, such as market conditions change, the price of services should also be changed.
3. The above bills relating to the Software Installation section otherwise agreed by the software installation contract.

signature (seal) __________________
accepted: ______ years ______ month ______ day
the date of registration: ______ year ______ month ______ day
hosting contract
hosting the contract


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