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Celebrities & their physical defects celebrities are far from perfect )))

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Posted 02 September 2010 - 10:16 AM

while many think celebrities are supposed to be all-round perfect, they turn out to be human-beings just like you and me.
some celebrities even have all sorts of physical defects. some were born with them and some got them due to injuries, accidents, illneses, etc.

check out celebrities & their physical defects (mind, some are really unpleasant to look at)

Ellen Pompeo, Halle Berry (!!!) and Kate Hudson all have six toes on each foot
Attached Image: ellen-pompeo-six-toes.jpg
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_13.jpg

Megan Fox was born with stubby thumbs
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_16.jpg

... while Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova has no navel. The absent navel is the result of a childhood surgery gone wrong.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_18.jpg

Denzel Washington broke his pinky finger on his right hand during a childhood basketball accident and never had it set correctly, resulting in the finger healing in a crooked position.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_19.jpg

... while Jennifer Garner's pinky toe is overplapping
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_03.jpg

Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymoour, Dan Aykroyd, Mila Kunis, Christopher Walken and Kiefer Sutherland all have Heterochromia Iridium which is a medical condition where an individual has different-colored eyes. Heterochromia is very rare in humans.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_08.jpg

Vince Vaughn lost the tip of his thumb in a car crash, when he was 17 years old.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_04.jpg

Padma Lakshmi has a large scar on her right arm which was the result of a car crash when she was fourteen years old. Her arm was shattered and her right hip was fractured. After surgery, she regained use of both of them but was left with a huge scar on her arm.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_10.jpg

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo was born with his left leg(1 3/4 in) shorter than his right leg. After the success of The Blue Album, Cuomo underwent a procedure to correct the condition. This involved the surgical breaking of the bone in his leg, followed by several months of wearing a steel brace which required self-administered "stretching" of the leg four times daily.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_11.jpg

The scars that mark Nigerian born singer Seal have long been rumored to be the result of a tribal scarification rite. This is not the case. The extreme scarring on Seal's face and scalp are the result of a skin condition known as discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). Seal has revealed that he suffered from the condition as a teenager.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_15.jpg

Mark Wahlberg, Lily Allen, Tilda Swinton and Carry Undwerwood all ahve the thrid nipple. Walhberg embraces his third nipple, which often poses a problem for his bare-shirted film scenes.
Lily Allen is proud of her third nipple and shows it on talk shows often.
Tilda Swinton said she was "proud" of her third nipple which she calls her "witch's mark" and used to threaten her brothers with it.
Carrie Underwood admitted she had her third nipple removed out of embarrassment.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_17.jpg

The scar between Joaquin Phoenix's lip and nose is obvious. It practically had second billing in Gladiator. It has long been thought that Joaquin was born with a cleft lip and the scar is the result of corrective surgery. This is not so. Rather, Joaquin was born with the scar. The scar developed while Joaquin was in his mother's stomach. It is known as a microform cleft, a mild form of a cleft lip
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_14.jpg

Actor/Comedian Damon Wayans had a clubbed foot as a child.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_06.jpg

CSI actor Robert David Hall is missing both of his legs. In 1978, Hall had to have both of his legs amputated as a result of an accident in which an 18-wheeler truck crushed his car. The accident also caused the gasoline tank of the car to explode, causing burns over 65% of his body. He now comfortably uses prosthetic limbs, allowing for personal mobility.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_07.jpg

Stephen Colbert has a weird looking ear due to an ear tumor he had when he was ten years old. He is also deaf in his right ear from the operation he had to remove the tumor.
Attached Image: celebrities_and_their_640_05.jpg

Paris Hilton has a drooping left eyelid. She allegedly had a surgery nine years ago to lift her eyelids but the muscles in her left eye were damaged as a result, “causing it to droop more than the right.” And apparently by wearing blue-tinted contacts over her natural brown eyes she’s making things worse. :D
Attached Image: paris-hilton-drooping-eyelid.jpg
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Posted 02 September 2010 - 10:44 AM

Karolina Kurnikova with no navel! :huh:

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Posted 06 October 2010 - 08:05 AM

actress Gemma Arterton was born with 12 fingers. the extra fingers were later removed. Likewise, she was born with a crumpled ear that was surgically fixed in her childhood
Attached Image: arterton.jpg

Ashton Kutcher & others pcitured below have their second and third toes in-seperated with a membrane keeping them together.
Attached Image: ashton.jpg

Actress Daryl Hannah is said to lack a phalanx on her left index finger due to an incident in her grandmother's house when she was only 3

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